PoundBanking provides the following services in areas such as international tax planning, asset protection, foreign company incorporation and maintenance.

Open an account in a foreign bank



First of all, it is necessary to choose the desired bank. It is worth considering the reliability of the bank, tariffs and the bank’s preferences for customer segments. It is better to apply to several banks at once to increase the likelihood of opening an account.


It is necessary to prepare the company’s statutory documents, taking into account the requirements for the issuance deadlines and the form of certification, personal documents of the company’s members, as well as to fill in the bank forms. Competent completion of the forms and presentation of information is important.


After all documents are prepared, they should be sent to the bank. During the review process, the bank may send additional questions and requests for documents. It is necessary to provide correct and timely answers to them. Consideration of the application may be paid, in which case it is necessary to pay a fee when submitting the application.


Usually banks require a visit to their representative office to verify the company’s representatives. In some cases, verification is possible online.


Upon successful opening, the bank assigns account details to the company and issues access to the account. Full account activation may require the prompt payment of a minimum deposit, from which an account opening fee (if applicable) may be deducted.

Operating Procedures

We control compliance with deadlines at every stage of work


Get in touch wherever you want, discuss the actual task at hand


Selecting a bank based on jurisdiction, quality of service and bank requirements


Drawing up the documents required to open a bank account


We submit and accompany the account application until the process is fully finalized

Opening of bank accounts

Create the optimal corporate structure according to your business strategy and needs. We will choose the right jurisdiction to establish the company.

We organize the entire process of obtaining a license: preparation of the application and supporting documents, submission of the application, control of the review process, negotiations with regulatory authorities.

We help to solve specific point issues: changes in the corporate structure of an existing company, sale and purchase of corporate rights, changes in activities, establishment of branches and representative offices, mergers and acquisitions, liquidation of companies, due diligence and audit of companies.

We advise on taxation and tax planning in the international legal field. We help resolve issues related to the creation of a corporate structure for working with foreign customers or suppliers.

Opening an account in Hong Kong

A special administrative region of China, which is one of the world’s leading financial centers in Asia and around the world. In 2011, Hong Kong was recognized as the most excellent financial market in the world.

Opening an account in Germany

A federal republic in Central Europe that is one of the leading economic powers in the world. Germany is known for its high level of innovation, developed industrial sector and strong export base.

Opening an account in Africa

Offshore zones in Africa may offer attractive tax environments such as low or zero taxes on income, profits or capital gains. This can help reduce the tax burden and increase net profits.

Opening an account in Cyprus

The attractiveness of Cyprus banks for entrepreneurs from different countries is due to their high stability and favorable terms of service

Opening an account in Georgia

If you are interested in opening an account in Georgia, our company is ready to provide professional assistance in solving this issue. Our experience of interaction with Georgian bankers allows us to achieve the necessary result.

Opening an account in Switzerland

When choosing a financial jurisdiction to open an account for an overseas company, you will definitely think of Switzerland.

Opening an account in Singapore

In recent decades, Singapore has managed to become one of the most developed countries in the Asia-Pacific region. It is the world’s largest financial center, where money flows, just like in Switzerland.

Opening an account in the UAE

A rapidly developing state that works closely with all regions of the world.