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Explore different jurisdictions and their regulatory requirements for cryptocurrency businesses.


Compile the necessary documentation to apply for a crypto license.


Apply for a crypto license as required by the regulator.


Your application will go through a process of review and audit by the regulator.


Upon successful completion of the inspection and audit, the regulator decides whether to issue a license. You will be granted an official crypto-license confirming your right to carry out cryptocurrency activities.

Obtaining a license in Canada

The Canadian authorities began to address the issue of regulating digital currencies in 2013. The state decided not to ban cryptocurrency, but to refer it to decentralized finance. In this regard, today digital currencies are subject to taxation, control and circulation identical to fiat money.

Obtaining a license in Japan

Today, Japan offers some of the most favorable conditions for cryptocurrency exchanges. Thanks to the legal framework developed by the state regulator (JFSA) of the island state, cryptocurrency business in this jurisdiction can operate legally.

Obtaining a license in Australia

Today Australia is an attractive jurisdiction for companies providing services related to cryptocurrency. This is largely due to the adoption in 2018 of bills that regulate cryptocurrencies, initial coin placement, requirements for cryptocurrency projects, as well as the procedure and conditions for granting a cryptocurrency license in Australia.
Control over this area of activity is the responsibility of the Financial Services Authority (ASIC)


It is important to note that residents of different countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia and Uzbekistan, may have problems working with cryptocurrency. Each of these countries has its own legislation and regulatory requirements regarding cryptocurrency activity.

For residents of these countries who are interested in obtaining a crypto-license or are engaged in cryptocurrency business, it is recommended to contact legal advisors or crypto-regulatory specialists who are familiar with local laws and requirements. They will be able to provide detailed information about the specific requirements and procedures for obtaining a crypto license in these countries.

In addition, crypto-regulatory consultants will also be able to help resolve other issues related to cryptocurrency operations, including legal aspects, taxation, AML/KYC compliance and other regulatory issues.

What are the licenses for cryptocurrencies: peculiarities of licensing

Cryptocurrency-related businesses can only operate smoothly if they are licensed. The activities of many blockchain companies are usually related to the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are a unique payment instrument, so a license is required to conduct legal exchange transactions between cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency licensing involves obtaining one or two permits at once:

When you don’t need a license to exchange cryptocurrencies

Today, different authorities are involved in licensing companies. In Estonia, for example, licenses for cryptocurrency exchanges are issued by one of the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Anti-Money Laundering Bureau. However, the attitude towards cryptocurrency differs from country to country.

If you want to get a license in a country where cryptocurrency is regulated, it will be issued by one of the following authorities:

In jurisdictions where there is no regulation of cryptocurrency, there are no licenses. That is, no licensing is required for such exchange operations. We recommend that you contact our company’s managers for clarifying or additional information.

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Legal registration of business for international activities

Create the optimal corporate structure according to your business strategy and needs. We will choose the right jurisdiction to establish the company.

We organize the entire process of obtaining a license: preparation of the application and supporting documents, submission of the application, control of the review process, negotiations with regulatory authorities.

We help to solve specific point issues: changes in the corporate structure of an existing company, sale and purchase of corporate rights, changes in activities, establishment of branches and representative offices, mergers and acquisitions, liquidation of companies, due diligence and audit of companies.

We advise on taxation and tax planning in the international legal field. We help resolve issues related to the creation of a corporate structure for working with foreign customers or suppliers.

service areas

Legal registration of business for international activities

We will ensure that your business operates in a white field in accordance with international legal norms

International taxation, financial reporting

We will ensure the correctness of accounting, help to prepare high-quality financial statements, control the timely filing of reports and payment of taxes

Opening of bank accounts

We open accounts in banks and payment systems, provide support in account maintenance

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We control compliance with deadlines at every stage of work


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